Eucalan - Small 3.3 oz


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Eucalan No Rinse Delicate Wash provides superb cleaning and conditioning for any natural fibers and is ideal for use by hand or machine. It is nontoxic, biodegradable, and phosphate free. The natural lonolin-enriched formula conditions the fiber and helps keep static away.

We recommend Eucalan as a super gentle way to wash your hand-knit-crochet-woven items. 

How to use:

Fill a Basin with room-temperature water, add a capful of Eucalan and gently swish to dispurse. Submerge your fabric and gently massage in the wash. Allow your item to soak for 15 minutes before carefully lifting the piece out and pressing the excess water out with a towel (do not wring). Allow to dry flat - there is no need to rinse.

Washing notes: be sure to always support the entire weight of woolens when removing from water, if you lift from a side or corner it can distort or stretch the fabric. 

Eucalan can also be used in the machine when washing delicates.

Type: Accessories

Vendor: Eucalan

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