Schacht Rigid Heddle Reeds


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For use with the Schacht Cricket and Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle Looms.

Reeds are priced by weaving width. Please select the size you wish to purchase for pricing.

10" & 15" wide reeds fit the Cricket Looms

15", 20" & 25" wide reeds fit the Flip Looms

Rigid Heddle Reeds are available in 5-dent (for bulky yarns), 8-dent (for worsted weight yarns), 10-dent (for sport weight yarns), & 12-dent (for fingering weight yarns).

Flip looms can also use double heddles. Using two 8-dent reeds gives you a 16-dent set, two 10-dent reeds gives you a 20-dent set, or two 12-dent reeds gives you a 24-dent set.

Category: loom, weaving

Type: Equipment

Vendor: Schacht

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