In Loving Memory, We are Keeping her Dream Alive

Suzanne dreamed Hill Country Weavers into existence 43 years ago. She worked tirelessly and sacrificed endlessly to build it into what it is today. Her life is intricately woven into and through HCW. She was proud of the business asset she created and treasured the community that grew along with it. She wanted all of this to live on, and her family is determined and committed to making that happen. Suzanne’s estate will continue to own and operate Hill Country Weavers.

We are grateful to the very capable staff who have provided stability, continuity and dependability since Suzanne left us seven weeks ago. Their dedication, patience and amazing knowledge has been the greatest help and blessing for the family during this difficult time. The senior members of the team – Kennedy, Kaiwen, Warren and Jill – all came to HCW with their own unique and impressive talents. They have learned from Suzanne’s years of experience and wisdom -- by listening and watching – but more importantly, by doing. Suzanne was known for assigning tasks out of one’s wheel- house or comfort zone. More times than not, the employee ended up with new skill sets they never imagined for themselves – just ask Kennedy!! The staff is more than ready for HCW’S new future.

The family is committed, the staff is on board and now the community has a part to play. Suzanne’s biggest fear was that the HCW community would not have a place to go should the store not survive her. She voiced this often so there is no doubt that you all were foremost on her mind. Suzanne’s bright, inclusive, infectious spirit will forever be the core – the heart – of the community. There are countless reasons for people coming to HCW but -- once there -- all found a genuine, authentic, true friend in Suzanne. She connected with each person, encouraging their artistic pursuits and often supporting their personal journeys. Suzanne knew and loved you all.

And as a fitting tribute to her, we should do all we can to grow the HCW community – by welcoming and embracing all who walk through the door. Suzanne never saw people as just customers, but as friends with lives and stories worth knowing. We have all been the recipients of Suzanne’s love, kindness and generosity. Those are gifts meant to be passed on to others. We cannot “be” her, but we should aspire to be.

We are all coming together – family, staff and community – on this new journey for HCW. We would much rather be making it with Suzanne, but – instead – we will make it because of her. She was fearless, always seeing the new road ahead as one full of opportunities and possibilities. That will be our vision and focus as we unite to write new chapters in the HCW story. Fortunately, we have the enormous footprints she left behind to help guide our way.

These are the words Suzanne asked Marta’s husband Larry to speak at her celebration:
…you were never just customers, vendors, or just friends to me. You are the people I chose to be members of my extended family. Each interaction we shared enriched my life -- giving me a sense of community, a sense of purpose, and ultimately a sense of fulfillment.

To the employees and staff at Hill Country Weavers – while I may have been the heart of HCW, you are the life blood that has sustained it. And hopefully – no, undoubtedly – you will sustain HCW for a long and prosperous future. I know you can do it.

Suzanne believes in us – all of us – and together, we will make her proud. You can bet she will be watching!!!! 

-Melanie Watts & all of Suzanne's Family