Why "Weavers"?

Our customers frequently ask why the store is called Hill Country Weavers — we’re a yarn store. The answer is simple: things change.

Hill Country Weavers opened in 1981, in a space at 34th and Guadalupe. In addition to floor looms, weaving yarns and classes, the store had a gallery that featured local weavers. In 1983, we moved to a larger location at Lamar and 12th. This space also had a gallery as well as more space for looms and yarn.

If you stepped into a way-back machine to see what kind of yarns were sold in 1981, you’d be very surprised. The store carried what was available: very traditional yarns for weaving — worsted spun wools and wool blends in solid colors.

Although these yarns were on cones for weavers, knitters did find the store and started asking for needles, hooks, knitting patterns and classes. In the days before the Internet, we were the place to get information on what was available in the knitting and fiber world.

Customers came to Hill Country for what was new and trending in weaving and knitting. 

In 1994 we moved to South Congress. Back then South Congress was still a bit colorful. But the store became a cornerstone in the changing neighborhood.

In 2017 we moved again to what we hope will be our forever home. Just south of our last location we are now on Manchaca Road - an evolving area where we're happy to see some of our old SoCo neighbors are beginning to move down to join us. The new space is bigger and more open than any we've been at to date and we've worked hard to make it a place that is truly a special destination for knitters, weavers, crocheters and spinners.

If you visit the store, either in person or online, you’ll feel our distinct Austin style — classic, eclectic and a just little edgy. Today, we are first a yarn store. But if you peek into the classroom, you’ll still see a loom or two.

Who is Hill Country Weavers?


I started Hill Country Weavers in 1981 along with Marta Shannon. It's been an incredible journey to where we are today!


I have been knitting for 7 years and I learned knitting at Hill Country Weavers! My passion is yarn - I am always on the look out for new yarn and new accessories. I love to knit garments and shawls. If you need help with yarn choice, I would love to help!


I love the creativity that's provided with fiber-arts and am always looking for something new to try! I've done a bit of everything - knitting, weaving, spinning, sewing, embroidery & crochet and enjoy finding ways to combine my favorite crafts.


I love all crafts including knitting, crochet, and cross stitch. There are never enough hours in the day to work on projects. Some of my favorites are shawls and socks. I am also a lover of project bags and will always be available to help you pick one out. 


I've been knitting 16 years and dabble in any fiber related crafts I can get my hands on, but I always return to knitting. If we don't know how to do something, then let's look it up and figure it out! I am also a firm believer in making and mending hand knit socks.


I have been fascinated with arts and crafts since childhood. Knitting has been a favorite activity of mine because it both satisfies my love of creating things and it provides a therapy for my hands and mind. It is a pleasure to teach others how to knit and hopefully inspire them to create their own things. One of my favorite activities is rearranging and displaying all the gorgeous yarns at HCW. It brings me joy to work with all the colors and textures!