Pedernales Falls Scarf & Blanket Pattern

HCW Designs

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Designer: Suzanne Middlebrooks

Sizes: Scarf - Approximately 7" x 70", Blanket - Approximately 39" x 64", not including fringe

Yarn: SHELTER by Brooklyn Tweed, 2 skeins Pumpernickel for warp and 1 skein Sap for Scarf; 2 skeins Fossil, 5 skeins Sweatshirt, 4 skeins Soot, 2 skeins Almanac, and 2 skeins Faded Quilt for Blanket

Warp Setting: 10 epi

Weft Setting: 7-8 ppi

Equipment: 8-harness loom with 10" weaving width, for scarf -or- 8-harness loom with 45" weaving width, for blanket; 10 dent reed, 1 large shuttle, Minimum of 1 large bobbin for scarf -or- minimum of 5 large bobbins for blanket

Suggested Skill Level: Intermediate

From the Designer: I started HCW in 1981 in less than 500 square feet.  We had several looms and only 1 book shelf of yarn, so I wanted to go back to my weaving roots.  The airiness of SHELTER makes it an ideal  yarn for weaving, resulting in a very soft and lofty fabric.  Since weavers think in yards, SHELTER is very generous in that area so it is a great choice and the fabrics are still very light in weight. The weave pattern is reflective of the many rivers and springs that are part of the landscape.

Suzanne Middlebrooks started her business with her good friend and fellow weaver Marta Shannon in 1981 with under 500 square feet of space, a little yarn, and 2 big looms--hence the name Hill Country Weavers. The big looms have slowly been taken over with knitting needles and a lot more yarn, but the passion for weaving remains strong. Find Suzanne as HillCountryWeaver on Ravelry.

Category: blanket, men, scarf, weaving

Type: patterns

Vendor: HCW Designs

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