IMPORTANT: If you don't get a confirmation email after scheduling a time, please call the store at 512-707-7396.


Missing the experience of shopping with us in-store? We want to offer you a chance for a one-on-one virtual shopping experience!

What to expect during your 30 minute personal shopping time:

  • A staff member will be available to show you any yarns and samples throughout the store 
  • You can get professional help picking patterns, colors, yarns and more
  • We can show you how colors look together and let you pick specific skeins of hand-dyed yarns so you have total control over what you get!

How to get ready for your shopping appointment:

  • If you just want time to browse the shop all you need to do is log-on!
  • If you have a pattern you'd like help picking out yarn for you can email it to us in advance or have it pulled up and ready to look over.
  • If you need help choosing a pattern & yarn try to get a good idea of what you are looking for (ie, sweater, scarf, hat, etc) and what qualities it might need (easy care, specific colors, no-wool, etc) so we can narrow down some ideal choices for you.
  • Looking for something specific? Feel free to email us info ahead of time on what you are looking for and we can have items set aside at the start!

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