Hokett Would Work Hand Loom

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These clever hand-held looms from Hokett are perfect for taking your weaving along with you. Each loom is hand crafted from hardwood, making each loom unique.

Perfect for sampling and small tapestries, looms are built with 6-dent teeth. You can also double the weaving sett to 12 by double stranding your warp yarn.

Available Sizes:

Tiny - 4" x 6", capable of weaving up to a 3" x 5" piece.

Regular - 7" x 8", capable of weaving up to a 6" x 6.25" piece.

Intermediate - 9" x 10", capable of weaving up to a 8" x 8.25" piece.

Large - 12" x 15", capable of weaving up to an 11" x 13" piece.

Note: Each of these is handmade from a variety of beautiful woods and no two are identical. While we can try to accommodate requests (ie. lighter or darker woods) our available colors vary.

Type: Equipment

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