Moving Sale!

We are clearing out some of our looms, spinning wheels, furniture and other odds and ends prior to our move later this year. It's a great chance to get a piece of HCW at a great price!

Important Note: these pieces are our floor models, display units and classroom equipment and will have some normal usage wear & tear. They may not include accessories such as shuttles or extra bobbins. If you have any questions about an item, feel free to give us a call!


Schacht Wolf Pup, 18" Weaving width, 4-Harness, 4 treadle $750 ($1202 new)


Schacht Baby Wolf, 26" Weaving width, 8-Harness, 10 treadle $1500 ($2461 new)

Schacht Mighty Wolf, 36" Weaving width, 8-Harness, 10 treadle $2000 ($3285 new)

Schacht Standard, 46" Weaving width, 8-Harness, 10 treadle $2400 ($3857 new)

Schacht Table Loom, 15" Weaving width, 4-Harness, 2 looms available $200 - 250 ea ($720 new)  ALL SOLD

Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom, 10" Weaving width, old style ratchet, 2 looms available, $75 - 90 ea ($169 new) (Note: shuttles not included with looms) ALL SOLD

Ashford Knitter's Loom, 12" Weaving width, Rigid Heddle, 1-2 looms available, $120 ea ($280 new)(Note: shuttles not included with looms) ALL SOLD


Spinning Wheels: 

Schacht Ladybug, double treadle, scotch tension $450 ($715 new) SOLD

Ashford Traditional, single treadle, scotch tension, $375 ($615 new)

Louet Victoria, double treadle, scotch tension, $575 ($820 new)


Weaving Tools & Accessories:

Harrisville Loom Bench, 2 available, $75 ea ($240 new) SOLD


Reeds, some steel, some stainless, various dents/lengths $1.50/inch

Heddles, Inserted eye (note that many of these are loose) $Varies

Heddles, Texsolv $Varies


David Marsh Furniture:*

Our collection of David Marsh Furniture will need to remain at our 1701 S. Congress Address through the end of 2016. If you would like a piece, let us know and we will take a $100 deposit to reserve it for you. The remaining amount will be due at pickup.

Short Scalloped Bookshelf, $575

Open-back Stacked Shelves (can be separated into 2 pieces), $550 SOLD

Slim Green Bookshelf, $600 SOLD

Tall Red Bookshelf, $700 SOLD

Extra-large Blue Bookcase, $800