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Beyond Easy Weaving: Double Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom

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    This is an all-day class. We will warp and thread the loom in the morning, take a break mid-day and then begin weaving in the afternoon.

    Instructor: Kennedy Berry

    Level: Intermediate/Advanced: Students need to be comfortable warping their loom and weaving plain weave independently. Experience with pick-up sticks is helpful but not required.

    If you've ever wanted to weave something like a throw or baby blanket without the need to piece it together this is a great technique to have in your weaving arsenal. 

    Double weave also opens up the opportunity to weave with different blocks of color, or in a tube such as for a bag or cowl.

    What you will learn:

    • How to warp and thread your loom for 2 heddle weaving
    • How to set-up and weave double weave using 2 heddles and 2 pick-up sticks.
    • Tips and tricks to make your double weave project a sucess
    • We will also briefly touch on common mistakes you may encounter and how to fix them, and other ways to use this technique beyond a double weave cloth

    Project options:

    You can choose to set-up your loom to weave a throw or baby blanket, or you can warp your loom for a double weave sampler to experiment with techniques.


    A rigid heddle loom that is set-up with 2 heddle blocks.

    • The Schacht Flip comes stardard with this. If you are using a different loom you may need to purchase and install a second heddle block ahead of class - you should be able to check your owner's manual or the manufacturer's website to confirm.
    • The small Cricket Loom will not work for this class.
    • The sample blanket was woven on a 20" loom, however it can be modified to work on a smaller loom if desired.

    2 Rigid Heddle Reads that are the same dent.

    • A pair of 8-dent Heddles was used to weave the samples. If you choose to work with a finer sett, you may want to do the sampler or a narrower blanket to be sure you can get the loom warped completely during class.
    • If you will be using a variable dent reed for your second heddle, and want to set-up for the blanket, you will need to order extra heddle pieces ahead of the class as these do not come with enough sections to make a full heddle in a single dent.

    2 pick-up sticks that are the width of your loom (or a bit more than half the width of the desired finished piece)

    1 stick shuttle (for the blanket) or 2 stick shuttles (for the sampler)

    Waste yarn

    A clip-on Mirror (such as this one) or handheld mirror is helpful but not required

    Yarn Requirements:

    • We will choose yarns and discuss project options during the first part of class. You can either purchase yarn at that point, or if you have something already that you wish to use you can bring it as long as it is a smooth yarn in an appropriate size for your heddles (examples for 8-dent heddles: Tosh DK, Berroco Pima 100, or Berroco Vintage).
    • You will need approximately 880 yds for 32 x 36" blanket sett at 8 epi, or 150 yds each of 2 colors for a sampler.
    • If you want to recreate the sample blanket you will need 4 skeins of Tosh Wool + Cotton. If you want to make it larger to use the full width of a bigger loom you will need 1-2 additional skeins depending on desired size.