Summer Knitting with Manos Serena - May 28, 2015

by Hill Country Weavers May 27, 2015

Just Relax

Did you know that t-shirts have been around since 1898 when the US Navy issued them to sailors during the Spanish American War? Originally they were worn under clothes, but when veterans began wearing them alone, they started to become wardrobe staples. 

You probably have a pile of t-shirts in your closet, most of us do. They are casual and comfortable and relaxed — perfect for hot summer days. T-shirts are also fun to knit. For example, Marly by Julie Hoover. The boxy fit and scoop neck will keep you cool. Knit in Manos del Uruguay’s Serena, a soft blend of alpaca and cotton, this tee will be your go-to top for the summer. Pick a neutral color like Glacier or a bright like Zinnia, and you’ll always have something great to wear. 

For something a little different, consider Waterlily by Meghan Fernandes. This top embellishes the classic t-shirt shape with a lace yoke and sleeves, and a Latvian braid. If you're not familiar with that technique, stay tuned, because Meghan will be teaching a class soon!

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