Mix it up with Shibui's Pebble and Linen - April 16, 2015

by Hill Country Weavers April 15, 2015

Twice as Nice

Some things just naturally go together. Sugar and spice. Coffee and cream. Tables and chairs. But sometimes two opposite things compliment each other, like salt and pepper, or denim and lace, or boys and girls.

And sometimes when you combine two yarns of very different fibers, the result is a synergy that is often unexpected. For example, Shibui Linen is a 100% linen yarn. Crisp and durable, linen is a favorite hot weather yarn, but it tends to droop after a few hours of wear. But combined withPebble, Shibui’s silk, merino and cashmere yarn, the result is a mixture of strength, softness, and sheen that shows off stitch patterns, yet has the halo and drape of wool. 

Try using this combined yarn for the Whitewater cowl, designed by HCW’s Kennedy Berry. You can trace the cables across this long cowl that is perfect for Spring, either wrapped around your neck or open like a long necklace. 

Shibui Mix no. 28

For a larger project, there’s Shibui’s Mix No. 28.

The ingenious construction of this open vest will keep cold blasts of air conditioning from making you shiver. Wear it more open as a vest, or wrapped around the neck as a layering piece.

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Hill Country Weavers


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