Catch a Wave with Anzula Milky Way - April 9, 2015

by Hill Country Weavers April 08, 2015

Shawl Season is Here

Spring in Central Texas. The grass needs mowing every week. The house seems to gather more dust every day. Pets are shedding and the oak pollen is turning every flat surface green. 

In between mowing and dusting and sneezing, you’re probably also considering what is in your closet that will carry you through to Summer. You want to shed some layers, but still need something warm for cool evenings. 

In other words, it’s Shawl Season. Our suggestion is the Wave shawl by Kristen Finlay. This shawl starts at the bottom point and expands quickly into a wide, but shallow triangle. The open stitches make it perfect for wrapping around cool, bare shoulders. 

This shawl looks terrific knit in Anzula’s Milky Way yarn. This light fingering yarn is 80% Milk Protein and 20% Merino wool — an ideal blend for our often muggy Spring weather. Sleek and silky, it drapes like a dream thanks to the milk fiber, but keeps a bit of structure and holds a blocking well thanks to the bit of merino. And you’ll love the colors that range from brights to subtle shades. One generous skein is enough for the Wave shawl too.

Hill Country Weavers
Hill Country Weavers


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