Purely Sumptious Pure Silk Lace - March 19, 2015

by Hill Country Weavers March 18, 2015

Madelinetosh Pure Silk Lace

Silk lace weight yarn is a step into another dimension of color and drape. Shawls knit or crocheted in lace weight silk appear delicate or insubstantial. But that is misleading. Silk is strong and lustrous. But it does relinquish control when blocked, and holds whatever shape you choose. 

Add to these qualities the ability of silk to absorb intense color while adding its own shimmer and you begin to see just what makes it so special.

It is that combination of luminous color and strength that makes madelintosh pure silk lace yarn a perfect choice for patterns of intricate lace that needs fierce blocking to release. Patterns like Susanna IC’s Fialka shawl with its delicate arches that end in well-defined points. Or Reserved Seating by Janet Brani. This crocheted wrap in an openwork stitch is perfect to protect bare shoulders from over air-conditioned theaters.


by Susanna IC

1 skein of Pure Silk Lace is enough to make the XL shawl, or two of the Large shawl size!

Reserved Seating Wrap

by Janet Brani

Uses one Skein of Pure Silk lace

Hill Country Weavers
Hill Country Weavers


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