Oh my gosh - so much Tosh! - February 19, 2014

by Hill Country Weavers February 18, 2015

Tosh, Tosh, and even more Tosh

Check out our all new spring palette from Madelinetosh - Available in Tosh Sock, Tosh DK, & Merino Light!

Last week our very nice UPS man delivered five very large cartons. The shop gets deliveries every day, but this one was a bit different. 

All five cartons were jam-packed with yarn from Madelinetosh. Yep, we have a mountain of Madelinetosh just waiting for you to conquer!

And even more exciting — the Tosh Sock, Merino Light and Tosh DK yarns are all in the Spring/Summer 2015 colorways. So whether you want a subtle spring top in Kitten or a bright scarf in Daffodil, we’ve got you covered. 


Don’t be overwhelmed by Tosh Mountain. We’ll be your sherpa. If you’re a Tosh novice, a good place to start your quest is with Scarfutopia. This new free pattern takes only one skein of Tosh Merino Light.

For more experienced climbers, try the Pamuya shawl with 4 skeins of Tosh DK.
With either one, you’ll be delighted with the view from the summit of Tosh Mountain. 

Hill Country Weavers
Hill Country Weavers


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