Dancing with Color

by Hill Country Weavers January 21, 2015

Rope Dance by Melanie Berg
Woolfolk TYND, 2 skeins each in Colors 02, 04, & 05

Do you have a favorite color, or perhaps two or three preferred colors? And are these preferences reflected in your yarn stash? If so, we have some suggestions to incorporate your color palette into knitting projects. 

One of the easiest ways to use several colors is to alternate them in rows or rounds. If your project is in garter or stockinette stitch, the result is stripes like in the dramatic Rope Dance Shawl. But in a pattern featuring lace, you can change colors when the stitch pattern changes. The result is a striking fabric that emphasizes the different lace patterns.

One of HCW’s yarn fairies, Kaiwen, recently finished the Red Rock Canyon shawl designed by Romi Hill. She chose the Shalimar Breathless, in two colors, Bing and American Beauty. The result is a soft but light shawl that feels like a warm embrace. The subtle changes in color emphasize the lace patterns with grace. 

A different knitting challenge is colorwork, including Fair Isle. For this technique, you knit with two colors on one row or round.

Renee Womack designed the Cold Front Cowl with both traditional Fair Isle motifs and contemporary figures. Renee used fourteen colors of Fibre Company’s Road to China Light for this cowl. This yarn is a  soft blend of alpaca, silk, camel, and cashmere — a far cry from the usual 100% wool yarn that most knitters chose for colorwork.

And Renee is teaching this technique in her class, Adventures in Colorwork this month at HCW. You can use her Cold Front Cowl pattern, or venture out on your own!

Hill Country Weavers
Hill Country Weavers


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