Holidaze Knitting - Don't Panic We Have New Free Patterns and Yarn Recommendations for These Quick Knit Noel Cowls!

by Hill Country Weavers December 10, 2014

Like it or Love it Cowl on a Cow
Are you still working on holiday presents? Is your list longer than a scarf? Or are you done with presents and looking for a quick project for yourself?

HCW has the answer — a cowl, or as we’re calling them, Noel Cow-els. 

Hand-knit scarves are wonderful gifts, but knitting one can seem endless. Hats are fun and quick, but you have to match a style to the recipient— slouchy, tam, beret, skullcap? 

But a cowl is less than a scarf and more than a hat. For a quick and cozy cowl, consider the Like it, then Love it Cowl that combines multiple strands of lace weight with simple ribbing. Or perhaps the double-layer Brick Road. It’s a two-color slip stitch pattern, which looks complicated but is easy to knit. For a more dramatic project, try the self-fringing shawl with its sharp line of crocheted detail. 

To make it even easier, we’ve created kits for the Like-it and Love-it cowl that are ready to knit — just add needles. 
For the Brick Road cowl we love local dyer Ana Clerc's Yarn Carnival High Wire yarn. We've got some color suggestions for you for this one as well.
If you love the red & grey check out Damnation! & The Road Ahead, or for a brighter pop of color, you might go for Found Gold & Big Bad Wolf. If you're a fan of Green, what about using Olivine with The Road Ahead? And for the lovers of blue we suggest Bottle Tree with Big Bad Wolf.
Not a sold on being a cowl-girl but still want something with that quick and satisfying feeling? We've got a new version of our self-fringing shawl for you called Zona Rosa. Knit with 3 balls of Tahki Zona, its warm, soft, and fluffy with a bit of an edge thanks to the line of stitch work along the fringe-line that's worked in Habu N-94 Silk Wrapped Paper.
Try it in the Ebony Zona with White Navy N-94, Sand Zona with Orange Navy N-94, Slate Zona with Red Black N-94 or Silver Zona with Navy N-94

When you’re done and the cowls are wrapped, put your feet up and relax with a glass of warm milk. Moo.

Hill Country Weavers
Hill Country Weavers


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February 03, 2015

I was looking for a shawl pattern for using lightweight yarn. My friend said the pattern is called Austin Shawl and got it there last week. Do you still have it available? I have yarn left over from a prior project and would like to try that one. Thank you.

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