A Plethora of Choices - Our Pre-made Kits Make Picking Your Next Project a Breeze

by Hill Country Weavers December 04, 2014

Color Affection ShawlEveryone has a process for starting a knitting project. Some choose a pattern and use the yarn specified by the designer. Others choose a pattern and then shop for a different yarn. Or maybe you see a finished object on another knitter, and you know that you must knit it for yourself. But in a different color. 

Then there are patterns like the Color Affection Shawl that combine several colors of yarn to create a unique project. The problem many knitters face is how to choose an appealing color palette. With the vast array of yarn available, choosing which fiber and what color can be a major headache. 

Here at Hill Country Weavers, we understand. And we’re here to help! Our project kits relieve you of the burden of deciding what yarn will compliment the design and which colors create a harmonious effect. These kits have just the right amount of yarn to complete the project, so you don’t end up with a lot of left over yarn. 

Baby Surprise Jacket KitsWe have kits for popular patterns like the Color Affection shawl and Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket, as well as for our own HCW patterns like the Lady Fern Scarf. Just choose a color palette, find your needles and start knitting! Our kits make great gifts to yourself or as last minute hand knits for the family. Our Baby Moccasin kit has enough yarn to make 3 pairs of booties!

If you need more inspiration, check out our Ready Set Make section on the website, and take an easy route to great projects. 

Hill Country Weavers
Hill Country Weavers


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