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by Hill Country Weavers November 26, 2014

Tomorrow is that All-American holiday, Thanksgiving. It has an abundance of everything — family, friends, food, and football. Like most good things, Thanksgiving started with a simple idea — celebrating and sharing a good fall harvest. 

In Abilene, Texas another good idea has grown into a thriving philanthropy. Eternal Threads is dedicated to help struggling women in impoverished areas of the world by helping them create original handicrafts and providing the marketplace to sell them. In 2000, they began in India with one product. Today, they have artisans in fifteen countries and products from bags to furniture that they sell in their shop in Abilene and through their website. 

This quote from the Eternal Threads website really tells the story:

Eternal Threads began as a mission to help one group of women in India and has become a global community of women. Even though these women live in diverse areas of the world they share the same needs and hope for the future.  Because they live in extreme poverty they need a means of creating income to care for their families, preventing their children from suffering from lack of nutrition, health care, education, shelter and the possibility of being exploited or trafficked.

As knitters, crocheters and weavers, we can appreciate the effort it takes to create beautiful things. And it’s no secret that most of us are women. So in this season of abundance, consider supporting these hard-working women’s efforts. HCW has a selection of the new products from Eternal Threads, so instead of fighting the crowds at the Mall on Black Friday, shop online or stop by the store to see what happens when a good idea becomes reality.

Hill Country Weavers
Hill Country Weavers


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