Mrs Fitzgibbon's Mitts

by Kennedy Berry September 17, 2014

Mrs Fitzgibbons Mitts

Outlander continues to display an impressive array of hand knits and I'm not afraid to admit that spotting them is a favorite part of watching the show for me.

One of my favorite things has been the variety of fingerless sleeves that just about everyone on the show has worn at one time or another.

Its a simple take on the fingerless mitt, but generally made longer - extending to the elbows. Having a simple slit for the thumb, instead of a gusset, streamlines the construction into something that even a first time knitter could whip up easily and it also makes it possible to push the mitts up your wrist to free your hands for whatever task (cooking, cleaning, knitting, or dragging Claire about a castle) you might need them for.

I did my best to closely replicate the design of Mrs Fitzgibbon's mitts, using Tahki yarn's new Tara Tweed in color 21 - Mushroom. You will need 2 balls to make elbow-length sleeves. If you prefer shorter mitts you could get away with just one.

Sizes: S (M, L)

shown in Large

Gauge: 16sts = 4" on US 8 (5mm) needles


CO 28 (32, 36)sts, leaving a 10" tail.

Work 20 rows of Garter Stitch (knit all rows) for a total of 10 garter ridges.

Switch to Stockinette (Knit on right side, purl on wrong side) and work until mitt is desired length (sample measures 16").

Bind off loosely leaving a long tail for seaming. Be sure your tail is about 1.5x the length of your mitt.

Fold the created rectangle in half lengthwise and using Mattress Stitch, seam up the side, stopping 2.5" before the garter stitch section. With your cast on tail, seam the garter stitch section together. This will allow a 2.5" slit to remain for your thumb hole.

Weave in your ends & enjoy!



Kennedy Berry
Kennedy Berry


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