Biased for Lace - Try a New Knitting Technique Perfect for Ombre and Variegated Yarn

by Kennedy Berry September 17, 2014

Linen Lace weight Bias ScarfEvery day we make simple binary choices. Yes or no. Right or left. Paper or plastic. Chocolate or vanilla. Knitters also make preference choices. Circulars or straights. Toe up or top down. Pullovers or cardigans. 

Knitters can also choose what type of fabric they create. Stockinette creates a smooth, straight fabric. Garter stitch creates a more textured finish. Ribbing adds a visual interest and a little stretch. 

Another option is knitting on the bias. This simple technique produces a fabric that follows your body’s curves. In a scarf, bias knitting creates a soft but lively fabric that drapes easily around your neck. 

We love the Bias ‘Before and After’ Scarf by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. It is a perfect example of how bias knitting transforms stockinette into a stunning and wearable scarf. We’ve knitted it in Prism's Euroflax Linen Lace yarn on large needles for an open and airy fabric that is perfect for Central Texas weather. Knitting the scarf on the bias also tames a variegated yarn like this into a subtle, classic accessory. For a little more drama, we've also worked up this scarf in Freia Handpaints Laceweight Ombre yarn.Freia Bias Scarf

The long color repeats of this yarn highlight the flow of the biased fabric. 

We haven't yet knit up the sample, but we think Plymouth's new Revel yarn would be an excellent choice for this scarf as well - its long color stripes combined with the drape of baby alpaca should be a stunning combination with biased knitting.

 2 balls of Revel would make up a beautiful version of this scarf.

Kennedy Berry
Kennedy Berry


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Hill Country Weavers
Hill Country Weavers

December 02, 2014

Thanks for bringing to our attention these links hadn’t been updated on the new site. All the yarn and pattern mentioned above are available. Here’s the link for the pattern –

Send us pictures of your progress!

Janice Spence
Janice Spence

November 28, 2014

Is this yarn and pattern still available?

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